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The Italian and International media have dedicated a lot of space to appreciation for the golf courses designed by Luigi Rota Caremoli, highlighting their high technical/golfing content and the great sensitivity shown in safeguarding the landscape and environmental resources.
Below are a few of the most gratifying write-ups that have appeared in the press and golf magazine.


1. Golf & Country Valcurone (Piedmont)
…The design fits in perfectly with the environment and Luigi Rota Caremoli has cleverly respected and even enhanced the local context containing the 18 hole Golf Valcurone golf course...
(M. Camicia, Golf & Turismo - November 2007)

…The golf course has been designed by Luigi Rota Caremoli, who has cleverly interpreted the natural context to create a course of great technical and scenic attractiveness, without upsetting the uncontaminated and special natural context…
(G. Muttoni, Il Mondo del Golf - November 2007)

2. Tanka Golf Village (Sardinia) Best new course 2007
…Beautiful and panoramic, the golf course designed by Luigi Rota Caremoli…
(F. Golob, Golf & Turismo - July 2006)

…A golf course of amazing beauty, designed by Luigi Rota Caremoli...
(Il Mondo del Golf - May 2006)

3. Golf Club Le Madonie (Sicily) Best new course 2005
…Le Madonie Golf Club, a wonderfully spectacular and ingenious golf course, designed by Luigi Rota Caremoli…
(Golf Punk - April 2007)

…The 18 holes, all facing the sea, are striking for the great variety of their design, guaranteeing different playing conditions each time: the unmistakable sign of golf course with a strong individual character…
(F. Golob e A. Vercelli, Golf & Turismo - November 2005)

4. Golf Colline del Gavi (Piedmont)
…The new golf course, designed and created by Luigi Rota Caremoli, is one that you’re never likely to forget in a hurry...
(Panorama di Novi, April 1996)

…Technically speaking, this new golf course is top of the range. What strikes you most is the way the local environment has been enhanced by the designer Luigi Rota Caremoli, who has cleverly adapted the holes to suit the lie of the land…
(Il Giornale, August 1999)

5. Golf Club I Ciliegi (Piedmont)
…The course designed by Rota Caremoli is a real gem. Varied, undulating, with water hazards and stupendous scenery accompanying your game…
(F. Golob, Golf & Turismo - April 2007)

…it has been designed by Luigi Rota Caremoli on the basis of the existing lay-out with full respect for the environment. Under his guidance, a unique course has taken shape owing to the nature of the terrain and the technical challenges, with the technical needs of the game in harmony with the landscape. A splendid 9 holes… (Golf News - October 1994)

6. Golf Club Il Picciolo (Sicily)
…We had the luck to meet Luigi Rota Caremoli who took us through the creation of this course. The designer has managed to hit the perfect balance between the existing nature and the golf course …
(P. Griffa, Il Mondo del Golf – September 1998)

… However, it’s when you actually get out there and play that you truly appreciate the charm of this golf course: a small miracle of golfing architecture from the pen of Luigi Rota Caremoli, who’s managed to create 18 great holes in 42 hectares … (Mondo del Golf - Dicembre 1993)

7. Golf Club Riviera
(Emilia Romagna)
…In a context of outstanding natural beauty, Caremoli has ingeniously designed this golf course...
(Golf Course News International, August/September 2004)

8. Crema Golf Resort (Lombardy)
…Luigi Rota Caremoli, a well established designer, was asked to design this golf course. The philosophy behind the design of the new golf course was inspired by the desire to create a course that best reconciled the expectations of club members and the hopes of tourists: a course, therefore, that is never boring and leaves you with some great memories… (P. Busconi, Golf & Turismo - March 2002)

9. Molinetto Country Club (Lombardy)
…the work by the designer Rota Caremoli has meant that the Molinetto Golf Club has received a radical face-lift, …
(Il Giornale, April 1998)

…thanks to the professionalism and experience of Luigi Rota Caremoli, the final result is bound to be a miracle…
(Golf News, September 1994)

10. Torrazzo Garden Golf (Lombardy)
…A few, well thought-out earthworks to create a pleasantly undulating golf course, with water hazards at strategic points creating challenges that call for great skill. All by Luigi Rota Caremoli…
(Golf & Turismo, September 1994)

11. Golf Club Vigevano Santa Martretta (Lombardy)
…The new golf course, by the designer Luigi Rota Caremoli, is the “jewel” of the Santa Martretta Golf Club…(L’Informatore, October 1995)

12. Castello di Tolcinasco Golf & Country Club (Lombardy)
…In collaboration with the designer Luigi Rota Caremoli, we’ve done a really superlative job at Tolcinasco and, most importantly, in perfect harmony with Arnold Palmer’s philosophy: a course for all, for those wishing to take up the game and for professional players...
(Golf Green, May 1992)

13. Golf Club Castell’Arquato (Emilia Romagna)
…The golf course design is by Luigi Rota Caremoli. It’s inevitable, therefore, that attention falls on the beauty of the holes, the landscape and the golfing experience…(Golf Green, January-February 1991)

14. Golf Club Puntaldia (Sardinia)
…The golf course, designed by Luigi Rota Caremoli (who’s also acted as the Director of Works), is unique in Europe on account of the spectacular nature of its 9 holes, running along the coast of the amazing blue sea, with small bays interspersing the tees and greens.
(Angelo Maria Santor, Golf Club – December 1990)

15. Golf Villa d’Este (Lombardy)
…a man of great experience. Caremoli would later become a benchmark for Italian golf …(Book - Villa d’Este 1926-1986:A History, A Legend“ by Gabriele Villa)

…The editors of Golf Magazine are pleased to recognize Hole Number 15 Villa d’Este, Circolo Golf Montorfano, Italy as one of the Top 500 holes in the world…(Golf Magazine – January 2000)


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